The University of Malawi (UNIMA) was re-established by an Act no. 18 of 2019 and is governed by the Council whose membership is appointed by the Head of State who is the Chancellor of the University.

The University of Malawi Act Section 11 (1) stipulates that Council is the governing body of the University and exercises general supervisory responsibility over all the affairs of the University including its relations with the public.

The Act in Section 9 (1) (a-h) provides the following as composition of the University of Malawi Council:

  1. The Chairperson of Council appointed by the Chancellor.

  2. The Vice Chancellor.

  3. Two independent members appointed by the Chancellor provided one of them is female.

  4. Two members who shall be the alumni of the University nominated by the alumni of the University and appointed by the Chancellor, provided one of them shall be female.

  5. One member representing special interest groups in the education sector, appointed by the Chancellor.

  6. One member of Senate, who shall be a professor or a senior member of academic staff, appointed from its membership.

  7. Two members designated by the Students Representative Council of the University, one of whom shall be a postgraduate student, provided one of them shall be female; and

The following ex-officio members

  1. The secretary responsible for Education or his/her designated representative.

  2. Secretary to the Treasury or his/her designated representative.

  3. The Controller of Statutory Corporations or his/her designated representative

Current composition of Council

  1. Dr. George Partridge (Chairperson)

  2. Professor Nyovani Madise (Vice Chairperson)

  3. Mr. Eric Chapola (Chairperson-Audit Committee of Council)

  4. Mr. Allan Chinula, SC (Chairperson-Staff and Students Welfare of Council)

  5. Ms Caroline Kayira Kulemeka

  6. Ms Gertrude Kabwazi

  7. One Senate Member

  8. Two Student representatives (postgraduate and undergraduate)

  9. Secretary to Education

  10. Controller of Statutory Corporations

  11. Vice Chancellor

  12. Registrar (Secretary)


Unima Act Section 11 provides functions of Council.


Therefore, the governance structure is as follows:

The Chancellor

The Council

Vice Chancellor

Deputy Vice Chancellor