New Students


Welcome to University of Malawi: the home of academic freedom! 

University of Malawi is a place where you will have the opportunity to expand your horizons of knowledge. Within Malawi and the immediate region, University of Malawi is renowned for being a fountain of both knowledge and wisdom. A few years drinking for this fountain and you are bound to emerge as an individual well versed not only in a particular discipline, but also able to articulate yourself before any audience on the global stage. There are a lot of highly qualified staff at the University, who are ready to assist you in your journey to being a fully educated individual. Your understanding of the world will never be the same.


You will have received an offer letter from the University of Malawi, offering you a place for study at University of Malawi. This alone is a cause for celebration, as you are now one of the privileged few who will get a high quality education at this University.


The first thing you may wish to sort out is the issue of accommodation. As soon as you know you have been selected to commence studies at University of Malawi, you must find out what accommodation options are available. See the accommodation section for more information on this.


You must make sure you know the date on which you are expected to arrive at University of Malawi. This will have been communicated on the offer letter, on the radio, and in local newspapers. This information will also be included on the webpages of University of Malawi and the University of Malawi. First Year students normally arrive a week or two before the continuing students.


It is advisable to go first to the Porters Lodge of University of Malawi, which is (geographically) the hub of the University. From there, you can find directions to other important locations, including the Finance Office and the University Administration. Check here for more information on accommodation options.


It is advisable to pay fees as soon as possible, as this facilitates the process of registration. Fees may be paid in cash or cheque at the Finance Office of the University. Additionally, students can make payments at any bank of their choice, and report to the Finance Office with their deposit slips, upon which they will be issued with a receipt.

GEOGRAPHY OF University of Malawi

Once the accommodation and the fees are sorted out, students may wish to familiarize themselves with the map of University of Malawi, especially its variety of lecture rooms, laboratories, the library, and sports facilities. It is important to know these locations as early as possible, as this knowledge makes the students' movement around the University corridors easier.


The orientation of first year students is a two week period during which the students are introduced to various departments and sections of the University, and the existing support services. Part of the orientation is in the form of presentations by Deans of faculty and Heads of departments to first year students. The Heads of Departments take this opportunity to “market” their departments, giving a glimpse into the activities of the departments, so that students may have an idea of the material that is studied in those departments. This part of the orientation is particularly important for First Year students since they have to make informed decisions with regard to the courses they are going register for. The courses must be chosen carefully, since some of them act as pre-requisites and co-requisites for other course offerings. 

During the orientation, students are also informed of their responsibilities to the University. It is during this time that students get to know the rules and regulations for their conduct at University of Malawi. As stakeholders of University of Malawi, students are expected to be responsible for University property, which includes buildings, furniture, and various other materials.

The orientation also includes familiarization with the basic operations of the library, which includes reader services and the computing sections. In relation to this, the registration of students as members of University of Malawi Library takes place during this period. Finally, the orientation period is also the period when students are introduced to SRC and various other student clubs and societies. Visit this link for the Orientation Schedule of the 2015-2016 academic year.

Students are encouraged to ask questions to the various presenters during the orientation period.


The timetable for lectures at University of Malawi is available before the semester begins, so that lectures commence on time. It is the responsibility of every student to familiarize themselves with the hours for their lectures, and to report any emerging clashes in course offerings.


The process of registration is an important one for any student at University of Malawi, especially for students in first year. This is the process during which a student selects the courses that they wish to study for in their year of study. The orientation process, which is normally scheduled for the first two weeks, will assist students in making decisions on the courses that they wish to study for.

Students can register online (through the students portal - you will need to login with username and password, check with ICT Centre), once they have paid their tuition fees. Students can access their personal pages on the University of Malawi website, from where they are directed to their course options. 

Every student must ensure that they have they have the appropriate number of credit hours. Every course has a specific value of credit hours. For more information on registration, the GPA system, and credit hours, contact the registrar. 


Whether you are joining the University of Malawi community as an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, we encourage you to make this place your home. The University creates an atmosphere that is meant to ensure that, even years after graduation, the alumnus never stops looking back at Chirunga campus with nostalgia.

This sense of belonging to University of Malawi will be fostered through your involvement in academic life, in clubs and societies, in faith groups, in sporting activities, and in other aspects of social life that help students claim ownership of the University.