The Council of University of Malawi (UNIMA) on Wednesday, 22nd May, 2024 approved names of candidates who have been selected to pursue various generic programmes for the 2024/2025 Academic Year on non-residential basis.

The University wishes to inform the general public that the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), under the coordination of the Technical Working Group (TWG) deriving its membership from all public universities, called for applications from candidates to various programmes in all public universities including the University of Malawi. As a result of this, all public universities conducted their selection in a harmonised manner to avoid multiple selection of candidates. However, each university conducted its own selection in compliance with their respective Acts governing their operations.

With regard to the 2023/2024 selection, there were 19,250 applicants from which 17,883 were eligible candidates which NCHE received to be considered for selection into all the public universities. Out of this group, a total of 9,222 candidates have been selected to pursue various academic programmes in all the public universities.

Out of the 9,222 selected candidates, UNIMA has selected 2,561 candidates representing 27.8% of the combined total of all candidates selected by public universities in Malawi. The University has also selected special needs students.


The University further wishes to advise the selected candidates and the general public that opening arrangements for the 2024/2025 Academic Year shall be announced in due course. 

Download the document below for the names of candidates admitted to the University of Malawi