We would like to request for donations from well-wishers for Project Rejuvenation. 

Project Rejuvenation is a student driven initiative – a sense of caring – steered through Chanco.  Project Rejuvenation is requesting for our support to raise funds for completion of Open Air Theatre rehabilitation works.  The Open Air Theatre is located between Kwacha Hall and Senior Common Room.

The abridged long history of this theatre is that a good part of it was initially built by Chancellor College students’ own hands as a Youth Week Project in those days. Memories are there of the loaded entertainment that used to be enjoyed from this place.  Stories are told of how some left the halls of residence and never made it to the library on those Sunday afternoons as they made a mistake of “just checking for a minute” as to what was happening at the Open Air Theatre.

The Chanco Project Rejuvenation has so far raised some money from well-wishers and commenced work on the project but requires additional K707,000.00 to do a complete work (equivalent to 118 bags of cement at K6000.00 per bag). This call is therefore kindly soliciting for our cash contributions in multiples of bags of cement or any other amount. We have up to 5 September, 2015 to mobilise the resources.

The payments can be made to the College Cashier at Finance Office or by signing the form left at the Senior Common Room and arrangements are in place to transfer the funds to the cashier on a daily basis, and delivery of cash receipts will be made the following day.

Note:“Four bags” have already been collected and you are all invited to actively participate in the count down – we are at “114 bags” now.

You are welcome to appreciate the works in progress at the site.

Kind regards

Mary Wasiri (Mrs)