The graduation ceremony held at the University of Malawi between 11th and 12th October, 2023, brought joy to graduands and parents, and also brought delight to business professionals in the city of Zomba. On both graduation days, the University of Malawi campus was bustling with vendors of various products and services, as 1,330 women and men received their certificates.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Malawi, Professor Samson Sajdu, was delegated by the Chancellor of the University, Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, to preside over the second day of the graduation ceremony. The graduation had two sessions, with the first session commencing at 8.30am, and the second session starting at 1.30pm.

The 99th congregation was colorful as the Executive Deans, University Registrar, Deputy Vice Chancellor, and Vice Chancellor were all spotted wearing new University of Malawi graduation attire. During the graduation, parents were invited to join the celebration in the Great Hall, and all of them beamed with delight as they witnessed their sons and daughters graduating.

In his remarks, the Chairperson of the University of Malawi Council, Dr. George Partridge, expressed gratitude to the government for their unwavering financial support to students through the Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board (HESLGB). He further explained that the increased intake of students aligns with the implementation plan of Malawi for 2023, where higher education is expected to expand access to education. He also emphasized that UNIMA is planning to have 15,000 students by 2025. 

When he took to the podium to make his speech, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Samson Sajidu, shared some of the achievements that the University has accomplished over the past years. He mentioned that the institution has collaborated with various international universities and has welcomed international students who are currently studying at UNIMA. He also announced the establishment of the Alumni Office, which will foster alumni engagement. Continuing, he advised the graduands that as they venture out into the world, they should take pride in knowing they are not leaving UNIMA behind but rather carrying a piece of UNIMA with them. He sincerely congratulated all the women and men who received their awards.