The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) organized an exit workshop for all final-year students enrolled in various programmes within the School to equip them with valuable skills needed in the industry. The event was held at the Mwambo Lecture Theatre on 14th May, 2024, and some of the topics discussed included industry orientation, transition to the workplace, ethics and professionalism, financial management, and entrepreneurship. 

The workshop was attended by experts from different departments within the university, including those in academia and administration. Notable attendees included Mr. Enock Njiwa, Director of Finance and Investments, and academics including Dr. Edister Jamu (Head of Department of Psychology and Medical Humanities), Dr. S. Kankuzi (Department of Media and Communication), Dr. Tiyesere Mercy Chikapa (Head of Department of Management and Leadership Studies), and Mr. Lawrence Mpekansambo (Department of Philosophy), who shared invaluable insights with the final-year students.

In his remarks, Dr. Emmanuel Ngwira, the Executive Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, emphasized the necessity of the workshop to hone the skills, confidence, and knowledge of the final-year students as they prepare to leave the university as graduates.

 One of the participants, Mr. Japheth Abel, a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) student and organizer of the event, mentioned that the workshop was perfectly timed and highly insightful. “As final-year students, we needed this. The presentations delivered by the experts equipped us with skills we were previously unaware of. We now know what to expect and how to navigate the industry,” he said.

Students who attended the event expressed gratitude to the Executive Dean for the wonderful exit workshop. They further stated that the workshop was well-rounded, incorporating almost all aspects of life. Students gained various insights, including those on employment, entrepreneurship, postgraduate opportunities, and more.