The University of Malawi, in collaboration with Stellenbosch University, has launched extensive short courses titled “Enhancing Postgraduate Supervision and Grounding for Postgraduate Studies,” aimed at early-career academic staff expected to supervise postgraduate students, as well as postgraduate students themselves. These courses fall under the Emerging Scholars Initiative, a multi-million Rand project within the Joint Schools Programme, comprising 12 Joint Schools at selected partner universities of Stellenbosch University, including UNIMA.

Dr. Mufunanji Magalasi, the Executive Dean of the School of Arts, Communication, and Design, officially inaugurated the courses on 27th May, 2024, at the Wadonda Lecture Theatre on behalf of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of UNIMA. Dr. Magalasi took a moment to reflect on the enduring partnership between UNIMA and the South African university, a relationship that has spanned over a decade. He acknowledged the benefits that have arisen from the relationship, noting the number of staff members who have pursued academic endeavours at Stellenbosch University under different scholarships.

Notable attendees at the opening ceremony included Prof. Cosmo Ngongondo, the Executive Dean of the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Dr. Maurice Monjerezi, Head of Research, and Dr. Brent Abrahams from Stellenbosch University.

The short courses, scheduled to run from 27th May to 31st May, 2024, have attracted an impressive number of academics and postgraduate students from various schools and departments at UNIMA. This robust response reflects the relevance and importance of the training. Upon completion, participants will receive certificates acknowledging their dedication to advancing their skills and knowledge in postgraduate supervision and research.

Dr. Abrahams, who is also the coordinator of the Emerging Scholars Initiative, expressed optimism about the courses, believing that participants will emerge with enhanced competencies and insights, enabling them to excel as supervisors and researchers. He also hinted at the potential for additional future collaborative endeavours between UNIMA and Stellenbosch University, emphasizing this initiative as the first step towards broader academic engagement and mutual growth.