In the swiftly advancing technological era, universities have embraced new learning methods through diverse online platforms. On January 4, 2024, Move Secure Africa donated two laptops, two headphones, and two routers, valued at MK4,600,000, to the University of Malawi. Among the two beneficiaries, Mr. James Mkali Phiri, a third-year Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences student, and Mr. Samuel Chiumia, a fourth-year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (Social Studies) programme, each received a laptop and headphones from the generous donation.

The handover ceremony, held in Chief Mwambo Lecture Theatre, was graced by the Director of Student Affairs, Dr Jonas Mwatseteza, and the Managing Director of Move Secure Africa, Mr. Patrick Masamba. Other persons present during the ceremony included the procurement officer, Mr. George Pahuwa, the Student Representative Council President, Mr. Thanks Mwalwanda, representatives from the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) department, and students.

Dr. Mwatseteza extended his gratitude to Mr. Masamba for the timely donation of laptops to UNIMA. He stated that the university has students who lack gadgets for their academic studies, leading to poor performance. Students fail to submit their assignments and also miss some lessons offered on online platforms like Google Classroom. Additionally, he elaborated on some of the challenges students are facing, including issues with upkeep.

“Some students have gadgets, but they are not in good condition. Only a few students possess gadgets that operate without any challenges. We urge various companies to follow the example of Move Secure Africa and assist us with new or used laptops, as well as funds that will enable us to purchase laptops and distribute them to our students,” he stated.

In his remarks, Mr. Masamba stated that Move Secure Africa was prompted to donate gadgets to the University of Malawi due to a sense of social corporate responsibility. They believe it is essential to provide laptops to students in need. He further urged companies in Malawi to support university students with various items to enhance their academic success.

Upon receiving his laptop, Mr. Samuel Chiumia expressed how challenging his academic journey has been with the old laptop whose battery was not dependable. He expressed gratitude to Move Secure Africa for donating the laptops and urged them to continue assisting those in need. He concluded by highlighting that, as a fourth-year student, he understands how challenging it is to pursue education without a laptop. Mr. Chiumia stated that, upon completing his studies, he plans to donate the laptop to a less privileged student who is in need.