University of Malawi Medical Scheme

Medical Aid


The University of Malawi Medical Scheme (UNIMED) was formed in June 2009 to provide affordable healthcare finance for the healthcare needs of staff of the former University of Malawi (UNIMA), and their dependents and all bonafide students.

Currently, after the delinking of UNIMA, UNIMED serves the new University of Malawi (UNIMA), Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS), Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).

The Scheme is an in-house arrangement allowing members more flexibility and better benefit options. The Scheme maintains the best relationships with Service Providers ensuring that members have a 24 -hour access to medical treatment


The Scheme has the following covers: -

  • Comprehensive Cover

The comprehensive cover is the highest level of cover currently offered by the Scheme. The cover is open to all Academic and Administrative Staff and higher grading categories of Clerical and Technical Staff (CTS) and their dependents.

  • Comprehensive – EX Cover

Comprehensive – EX Cover is open to retirees, resignees and their dependents, and foreign students

  • Zikomo Cover

Zikomo Cover is open to extended family members e.g. parents of Comprehensive cover Principal members.

  • Standard Cover

Standard Cover is open to all CTS staff of lower grading categories and their dependents. Staff members in this level are allowed to upgrade to Comprehensive Cover provided they make a top-up on the monthly contributions.

  • Abale Cover

Abale Cover is open to extended family members e.g. parents of standard Principal Members.

  • Student Cover

This cover is open to all bonafide students of the Universities mentioned and it is only valid for the period of study (including vacations)

For the monthly premiums and annual benefits applicable to these covers, please contact the Scheme Management.

Why choose UNIMED over other Schemes?

a. No drug brand restrictions: All eligible medicines are covered regardless of the brand. Some schemes do not cover other brands such as Denk.

b. Flexibility: The in-house arrangement is very flexible for staff and students, especially when making special considerations for staff and students with special needs.

c. Commitment to Customer Service: All scheme’s staff are dedicated to customer service and are easily accessible to ensure that clients are not inconvenienced when they need assistance at any hour of the day. The Scheme has various communication lines open 24 hours daily to ensure that help is readily available.

d. Commitment to Service improvement: All the excess money that the Scheme realizes will be used to improve the services of the Scheme thereby directly benefiting the members. With UNIMED service improvement is always guaranteed.

e. Members’ healthcare is the sole responsibility: The UNIMED office was set up solely to provide healthcare services to staff and students. All UNIMED operations are 100% dedicated to member’s health care needs.

Registration Procedure

To register, fill in the appropriate (Staff or Student) membership registration form which can be obtained from the downloads section or our offices.

For all staff members, you are required to attach two color passport-size photographs with a white background for you, and each dependent in cases of staff members, to the registration forms. Please clearly indicate the name of the person at the back of each photograph.

For Students, the UNIMED team visits Universities during the first semester of the academic year for registrations. All students who miss registration can visit our offices with a student identification card. 

Membership Cards

The scheme issues cards immediately to new eligible members who directly visit our offices. For all members who send registration forms through the mail, the identification cards are sent to respective university clinics upon production completion. If you have not yet received your card after sending us a mail for 1 week, please get in touch with the UNIMED information office immediately.

The membership cards are initially issued out at no cost to the member but any subsequent replacements are done at a fee determined by the Scheme from time to time. You can get the Card Replacement Form in the downloads section.

Access to Treatment

Visit an authorized Service Provider: Depending on your cover, you can visit any Service Provider of your choice. You will find your name at the hospital. You will be required to produce your UNIMED membership Identification card for verification.

Access treatment: You will be requested to complete the UNIMED claims forms which are already placed at the hospitals. Please ensure that you have included all information on the claim form: all names and relationships, dates, membership number, cover and University.

Please sign the Claim forms after they have indicated all the items and total cost of treatment. Before signing, please verify that you have received all the medication indicated on the claim form.

The claim forms are in triplicate and you are supposed to collect and keep the blue copy for your records. The hospital will send your bill to UNIMED for settlement. Don’t leave the hospital without knowing how much they have charged you for the medication and procedures.


  1. Registration forms

    1. Staff Registration form download

    2. Student Registration form download

  2. Dependant Amendment form download

  3. Card Replacement Form download