One of the features that always amaze visitors to the University of Malawi is the infrastructure that the institution currently boasts. As the campus expands, UNIMA has ensured that the buildings currently being developed adhere to the superior standards that were previously established. This is one way of ensuring that UNIMA enhances its learning environment for all who enroll at the institution.

Members of the Parliament of Malawi have, in the past years, shown interest in such infrastructure developments at the university. On June 9th, 2023, the Parliamentary Committee on Transport and Public Infrastructure visited the University of Malawi to appreciate its infrastructure and ongoing construction projects. The event was hosted by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Samson Sajidu, accompanied by the University Registrar, Mr. Martin Matululu, as well as Executive Deans of the University. The visiting delegation was led by Honorable Enock Phale, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport and Public Infrastructure. He was accompanied by 19 Members of Parliament.

The Vice Chancellor took the opportunity to update the parliamentarians on a number of infrastructure projects. He informed the guests that the new School of Economics is one of the projects funded by the government. He further apprised them of progress on the administration block currently under construction, which will comprise 98 offices, 6 boardrooms, and will also feature kitchenettes. Additionally, he mentioned that another project is in progress to construct a teaching and learning complex, which will include 30 offices and 16 classrooms with a total capacity of 1,220 students. The University is aware of the increasing student population and, therefore, has a project in place to build hostels with 800 bed spaces to accommodate its students, prioritizing their living arrangements.

During an interview with Honorable Enock Phale, it was revealed that their visit to the University of Malawi was motivated by the university's ambition to enhance its infrastructure capacity. Honorable Phale expressed his appreciation for the institution’s existing infrastructure and the ongoing projects. He expressed satisfaction in witnessing the tangible outcomes resulting from the allocated resources for building these structures.

“We are impressed with the infrastructure we have seen at the university, and we will ensure that the government reviews the budget to allocate additional funding. This will enable the timely completion of the new administration block that is currently under construction,” he said.

The committee also toured other sections of the campus, including the ICT department and the Mwambo and Chikowi lecture theatres.